ISWC2017 Metadata – Call for Visualisations

As it has been tradition in the previous years, all metadata of the conference will be made publicly available.

This is the final release of the ISWC2017 metadata and a call for action to apply your own tools for visualising or exploring the ISWC2017 conference data.

The final dump of the ISWC2017 metadata can be downloaded here .

In order to put this data to use, we invite submissions of apps/tools, which visualise and/or support exploration of the data. While the ISWC2017 organisation team intends to link to your applications from the ISWC2017 Website and provide some publicity, this provides a chance to showcase your RDF/Linked Data visualistion tool to the ISWC2017 audience. Should you intent to submit or have any questions, please get in touch with the ISWC2017 metadata chairs (contact info below).

Metadata Chairs