Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • 1. Local information
  • 2. Registration
  • 3. Visa
  • 4. Practical info during the conference
Local information and hotel bookings
Registration and payment
Visa and Confirmations
Practical aspects (resolution of projector, cloakrooms, etc)
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  • 1. How can I arrive from the airport to the venue (and viceversa)?

    The airport can easily be reached by Airport Bus Shuttle, CAT (City Airport Train), train (S-Bahn) or taxi.

    For further details please check our travel information.

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  • 2. Is there any pharmacy near ISWC2017 venues?

    Yes, there is one pharmacy near ISWC2017 venues: Rotunde Aphoteke.

    It will be open 24 hours on Saturday, and from Monday till Wednesday, it will be open between 8am and 7pm.

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  • 3. Is there somewhere close to the venue where posters can be printed?

    Yes, there are at least two printing services close to the conference venue:

    In general it takes less than an hour to print a poster, but please contact the services directly if you need further information.

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  • 4. Where is the conference hosted?

    The ISWC 2017 will have two different locations, conveniently situated within a few minutes’ walking distance.

    The ISWC main conference will be held in the Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Centre, whereas the workshops will be located in the WU campus.

    Find further information in the venue information, as well as how to arrive in the travel information.

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  • 5. Are the hotel fees the lowest rates available?

    The hotels listed in our accommodation site have kindly reserved a number of rooms for ISWC attendees. In addition, you can optionally receive the registration package at your hotel. You can book these rooms by selecting a hotel and clicking "book here". However, we cannot guarantee that other rooms with different prices are also available. Please access the hotel websites or your preferred hotel booking system to access the complete room catalogue.


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  • 6. How can I get my conference bag in the hotel?

    We will contact all attendees that booked the hotel with our booking system and we will ask whether you want to get the registration bag in your hotel or not.

    We will also contact all other attendees (registered before Oct. 5th) to also ask for this possibility as soon as you are hosted in the same selected hotels. In that case, you should provide us your arrival date.

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  • 1. Does the student registration cover the workshops and tutorials days?

    Registration for the main conference (at the student or any other rate) does not cover the workshop days. If you want to attend the workshops, tutorials or doctoral consortium you need the workshops and tutorials supplement. Alternatively, you can register for the Workshops and Tutorials only (2-Days).

    Note that in case you are eligible, you can apply for a student travel grant until August 31, 2017.

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  • 2. Can students who have applied for travel grants register with an early registration fee AFTER receiving the grant notification?

    Yes, student travel award recipients can still register at the early student rate, we will provide a special registration link for that.

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  • 3. Is it possible to register for the pre-conference (workshops/tutorials/doctoral consortium) only?

    Yes, we included this possibility in ISWC 2017. Check the fees for Workshops and Tutorials only (2-Days)

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  • 4. What's included in the registration fee?

    The main conference registration includes:

    If you register for the main conference, you can add a supplement for 1-day or 2-days Workshops and Tutorials. You can also register for the 2-days workshops and tutorials only. In such case, the registration includes:

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  • 5. Who do I need to contact if I want to change my registration?

    For any questions regarding your registration, please contact the University of Vienna event
    management: phone: +43 1 4277 17677; email:

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  • 1. What are the technical specs of the projectors in each lecture room and which connectors and equipment exists?

    If you are a speaker, please first check in which room you present in the ISWC program.

    • Each lecture room has a laptop Windows (Powerpoint and Acrobat Reader installed) and a USB slot, if you prefer to bring your presentation on a USB stick. If you prefer to bring your own Laptop for presenting, please consider the max. resolution and specs mentioned below, and make sure your laptop has connectors for HDMI or VGA, otherwise please bring an adaptor if needed.
    • Rooms Stolz 1, Stolz 2, and Lehar 4 in Messe (main conference) will have projectors with max. resolution 1.024 x 768.
    • Room Lehar 1-3 (the plenary room) in Messe (main conference) will have projectors with max. resolution 1.920 x 1.080.
    • The lecture rooms at WU (workshops and tutorials) have either of the following projectors: or
    • In any case, make sure to be at the room in which you present ideally 15min before the session of your talk starts and contact your session chair or one of the student helpers (recognizable by the red ISWC T-Shirts), to check your presentation and equipment.
    • Even if you intend to present with your own laptop, we strongly recommend you also bring your presentation to the session on a USB (you can of course use the conference USB stick in your bag for that), both for backup, in case of technical difficulties with your laptop and for handing the presentation slides over to video, in case your presentation is being recorded.
    • Side remark: In case your presentation is recorded (rooms Stolz 1, Stolz 2, Lehar 1-3 at the main conference) make sure to have a consent form signed and that you have given your slides (PDF, PPT, or PPTX) to the person from present in the room prior to the presentation.
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  • 2. I'm leaving directly on the last day of the conference. Can I store my luggage somewhere?

    We recommend to use your hotel if possible. We will have space for luggage but with limited capacity, particularly at the workshops and tutorials location. Please contact the on-site local staff to ask for this possibility in advance.

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