Demo – Paper 562

Linked Data for the Norwegian State of Estate Reporting Service

Ling Shi, Bjorg Elsa Pettersen, Dina Sukhobok, Nikolay Nikolov and Dumitru Roman


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The Norwegian State of Estate (SoE) report includes all the state-owned properties and buildings in the civil sector and aims to assists the government decision makers to allocate the resource more effectively. A Linked Data based approach is presented here to increase the transparency in the government administration, improve the report generating process and also the report quality. Cross-domain government data originated from the business entity register, the cadastral system, the building accessibility register and the old SoE report are acquired, prepared, cleaned, transformed to Linked Data format and published. The source datasets are then integrated, augmented and interlinked before the results are published as an SPARQL endpoint which is ready for data visualization and report generation.

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