Demo – Paper 563

SWEEP: a Streaming Web Service to Deduce Basic Graph Patterns from Triple Pattern Fragments

Emmanuel Desmontils, Patricia Serrano Alvarado and Pascal Molli


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The Triple Pattern Fragments (TPF) interface demonstrates how it is possible to publish Linked Data at low cost while preserving data availability. But, data providers hosting TPF servers are not able to analyze the SPARQL queries they execute because they only receive and evaluate subqueries with one triple pattern. Knowing executed SPARQL queries is important for data providers for prefetching, benchmarking, auditing, etc. We propose SWEEP, a streaming web service to deduce Basic Graph Patterns (BGPs) of SPARQL queries from a TPF server log. We show that SWEEP is able to extract BGPs of SPARQL queries evaluated by a DBpedia’s TPF server.

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