Demo – Paper 576

Alexa, Ask Wikidata! Voice interaction with knowledge graphs using Amazon Alexa

Peter Haase, Andriy Nikolov, Johannes Trame, Artem Kozlov and Daniel Herzig


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Voice-enabled user interfaces have become a popular means of interaction with various kinds of applications and services. In addition to more traditional interaction paradigms such as keyword search, voice interaction can be a convenient means of communication for many groups of users. Amazon Alexa has become a valuable tool for building custom voice-enabled applications. In this demo paper we describe how we use Amazon Alexa technologies to build a Semantic Web applications able to answer factual questions using the Wikidata knowledge graph. We describe how the Amazon Alexa voice interface allows the user to communicate with the metaphactory knowledge graph management platform and a reusable procedure for producing the Alexa application configuration from semantic data in an automated way.

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