Poster – Paper 579

Bioschemas: From Potato Salad to Protein Annotation

Alasdair Gray, Carole Goble, Rafael Jimenez and Bioschemas Community


clock_event October 23, 2017, Poster and Demo Reception, 18:30-21:20
house Festsaal 1
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The life sciences have a wealth of data resources with a wide range of overlapping content. Key repositories, such as UniProt for protein data or Entrez Gene for gene data, are well known and their content easily discovered through search engines. However, there is a long-tail of bespoke datasets with important content that are not so prominent in search results. Building on the success of for making a wide range of structured web content more discoverable and interpretable, e.g. food recipes, the Bioschemas community ( aim to make life sciences datasets more findable by encouraging data providers to embed markup in their resources.

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