Demo – Paper 581

DataGraft beta v2: New Features and Capabilities

Nikolay Nikolov, Dina Sukhobok, Stefan Dragnev, Steffen Dalgard, Brian Elvesæter, Bjørn Marius von Zernichow and Dumitru Roman


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In this demonstrator, we will introduce the latest features and capabilities added to DataGraft – a Data-as-a-Service platform for data preparation and knowledge graph generation. DataGraft provides data transformation, publishing and hosting capabilities that aim to simplify the data publishing lifecycle for data workers (i.e., Open Data publishers, Linked Data developers, data scientists). This demonstra-tor highlights the recent features added to DataGraft by exemplifying data publi-cation of statistical data – going from the raw data published at a public portal to published and accessible Linked Data with the help of the tools and features of the platform.

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