Demo – Paper 630

A Demo: Semantic-Based Re-Engineering of Automation Systems

Aparna Saisree Thuluva, Kirill Dorofeev, Monika Wenger, Darko Anicic and Sebastian Rudolph


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Manufacturing processes are being digitalized and automated using Automation Systems (ASs). But ASs are complex and they contain lot of under-used equipment. The cost and time of manufacturing can be reduced if the under-used equipment on ASs is used eciently. In order to eciently use an Automation System (AS) equipment the existing functionalities and capabilities on the AS should be easily discoverable and new functionalities should be installable with less eort. In this demonstration, we will present an approach employing Web of Things and Semantic Web technologies, to make an AS equipment transparent, and present how the eort of installing new functionalities on the eld devices can be lowered if the AS equipment is transparent.

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