Research – Paper 305

Computing FO-Rewritings in EL in Practice: from Atomic to Conjunctive Queries

Peter Hansen and Carsten Lutz


clock_eventOctober 24, 2017, 16:10.
house Lehár 1-3
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A prominent approach to implementing ontology-mediated queries (OMQs) is to rewrite into a first-order query, which is then executed using a conventional SQL database system. We consider the case where the ontology is formulated in the description logic EL and the actual query is a conjunctive query and show that rewritings of such OMQs can be efficiently computed in practice, in a sound and complete way. Our approach combines a reduction with a decomposed backwards chaining algorithm for OMQs that are based on the simpler atomic queries, also illuminating the relationship between first-order rewritings of OMQs based on conjunctive and on atomic queries. Experiments with real-world ontologies show promising results.

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