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BiOnIC: A Catalog of User Interactions with Biomedical Ontologies

Maulik Kamdar, Simon Walk, Tania Tudorache and Mark Musen


clock_eventOctober 24, 2017, 16:10.
house Stolz 2
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BiOnIC is a catalog of aggregated statistics of user clicks, queries, and reuse counts for access to over 200 biomedical ontologies. BiOnIC also provides anonymized sequences of classes accessed by users over a period of four years. To generate the statistics, we processed the access logs of BioPortal, a large open biomedical ontology repository. We publish the BiOnIC data using DCAT and SKOS metadata standards. The BiOnIC catalog has a wide range of applicability, which we demonstrate through its use in three different types of applications. To our knowledge, this type of interaction data stemming from a real-world, large-scale application has not been published before. We expect that the catalog will become an important resource for researchers and developers in the Semantic Web community by providing novel insights into how ontologies are explored, queried and reused. The BiOnIC catalog may ultimately assist in the more informed development of intelligent user interfaces for semantic resources through interface customization, prediction of user browsing and querying behavior, and ontology summarization. The BiOnIC catalog is available at:

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