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Towards Holistic Concept Representations: Embedding Relational Knowledge, Visual Attributes, and Distributional Word Semantics

Steffen Thoma, Achim Rettinger and Fabian Both


clock_eventOctober 25, 2017, 10:50.
house Lehár 1-3
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Knowledge Graphs (KGs) effectively capture explicit relational knowledge about individual entities. However, visual attributes of those entities, like their shape and color and pragmatic aspects concerning their usage in natural language are not covered. Recent approaches encode such knowledge by learning latent representations ('embeddings') separately: In computer vision, visual object features are learned from large image collections and in computational linguistics, word embeddings are extracted from huge text corpora which capture their distributional semantics. We investigate the potential of complementing the relational knowledge captured in KG embeddings with knowledge from text documents and images by learning a shared latent representation that integrates information across those modalities. Our empirical results show that a joined concept representation provides measurable benefits for i) semantic similarity benchmarks, since it shows a higher correlation with the human notion of similarity than uni- or bi-modal representations, and ii) entity-type prediction tasks, since it clearly outperforms plain KG embeddings. These findings encourage further research towards capturing types of knowledge that go beyond today's KGs.

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