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Lessons Learned in Building Linked Data for the American Art Collaborative

Craig Knoblock, Pedro Szekely, Eleanor Fink, Duane Degler, David Newbury, Robert Sanderson, Kate Blanch, Sara Snyder, Nilay Chheda, Nimesh Jain, Ravi Raju Krishna, Nikhila Begur Sreekanth and Yixiang Yao


clock_eventOctober 23, 2017, 11:20.
house Lehár 1-3
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Linked Data has emerged as the preferred method for publishing and sharing cultural heritage data. One of the main challenges for museums is that the defacto standard ontology (CIDOC CRM) is complex and museums lack expertise in semantic web technologies. In this paper we describe the methodology and tools we used to create 5-star Linked Data for 14 American art museums with a team of 12 computer science students and 30 representatives from the museums who mostly lacked expertise in Semantic Web technologies. The project was completed over a period of 18 months and generated 99 mapping files and 9,357 artist links, producing a total of 2,714 R2RML rules and 9.7M triples. More importantly, the project produced a number of open source tools for generating high-quality linked data and resulted in a set of lessons learned that can be applied in future projects.

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Simon Steyskal
Simon Steyskal

have you considered using SHACL for expressing and checking mappings?

Craig Knoblock
Craig Knoblock

We use R2rml to express the mappings, which is also a W3C standard and appears to be a better fit to mapping data sources to an ontology.

Craig Knoblock
Craig Knoblock

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